What’s new in version 1.7 of OnlineCrypto.com?


  • We have made it easier to copy passwords. Password is highlighted when Show Password is clicked.
  • Generate Password is added to the edit screen.
  • Generated password is now 10 characters long and includes punctuations.
  • Improvements in UI.

Keep your secrets safe.


I have not used OnlineCrypto.com before, where should I start?

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A step by step guide on how to get started.

Create an OnlineCrypto.com account:

1) Navigate to OnlineCrypto.com and click the “Manage Your Password” button.


2) Enter your Google username and password and click “Sign in” to authenticate with Google. If you were previously logged in with your Google Account on your computer you may not see this page.
Your Google password is never transmitted to OnlineCrypto.com.


3) If this is the first time confirm your Google account and click “Allow”.
For security reasons Google Accounts will ask you to confirm your selection every month.


4) Type your new master password twice. Master password will be used to encrypt/decrypt your passwords. If you lose your master password you will lose any information stored within this site.
Your master password is never transmitted to OnlineCrypto.com.


Install Online Crypto app on your iPhone and/or iPad

1) Download and install the Online Crypto app from the App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/online-crypto/id499984768?ls=1&mt=8

Online Crypto on App Store

2) Run the application for the first time and choose the preferred login method (pattern, PIN or password login).
Your login is used to protect your passwords on the device and it is not related in any way with your OnlineCrypto.com master password.


3) Create and confirm your login.

Image Image

Synchronize your iPhone and/or iPad passwords with OnlineCrypto.com

1) Run Online Crypto app on your device and login using your preferred login method (pattern, PIN or password)


2) Open the settings screen and under Synchronization section choose “Setup Account”.


3) On the next screen enter your Google username and password.
Your Google password is stored securely within the app and is never transmitted to OnlineCrypto.com


4) If you created an account with OnlineCrypto.com as described above enter your master password on the next screen.


5) If you don’t have an account with OnlineCrypto.com you can create one now. Type your new master password twice and choose “Done”.


6) When you click “Done” your app will synchronize data with OnlineCrypto.com. Depending on your connection and how much data you have this may take from several seconds to several minutes. To confirm that your data is synchronized successfully check Last Sync date under Synchronization section.

How I manage my passwords?

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I have been struggling for sometime to find the perfect way to manage my passwords. I was not looking for just a single tool or an application but for a simple process I could follow easily. My goal was to have the highest level of security and spend the least amount of time getting access to places on web.

So, I wanted convenience and security. A convenient way can be achieved by choosing a password that is easy to remember and using it for all your sites, but that is not very secure. On the other hand, choosing long passwords that even you cannot guess and using different passwords for different sites is pretty secure but not convenient.

In many cases, installing a password manager application alleviates this problem to a certain extent. Many password manager tools install a browser plugin that alters the browser behavior to help you save time by automatically saving and filling out forms. This is all good, but, in many cases, plugins slow down browsers and the automatically saved passwords can get messy. Many websites have different pages for login forms and that creates a problem for saved passwords. So for one site you may end up with two passwords saved and one of them may be out of date. This way you may end up spending the time you saved onto cleaning up password records, waiting for your browser to load, installing or updating applications/browser plugins into your computers, and keeping your computers and devices in sync.

The process I am using currently is very simple but it gives me a good security and a good convenience. At first, I use a centralized place to put my passwords so I can get to them from anywhere (using the Internet of course). The best place for that is www.onlinecrypto.com. Online Crypto is built using Google technologies and infrastructure therefore offers a very high availability. Every time I need to create a password, I use the built in password generator of online crypto. This way I have different random passwords on different sites.

Secondly, I use the browser capabilities to store and fill out the login forms automatically. Most modern browsers come with some sort of password management capability but the one I am using is Safari, which keeps my passwords encrypted in the keychain access of my Mac. Since I am not a fan of browser plugins I also do not have flash plugin installed in Safari, so for those rare occasions where I do need to see some flash, I open up Google Chrome.

Even though this process requires some manual work at the beginning when you create or change passwords, I believe that it saves you time and reduces frustration in the long run. Anyway, this works for me, so give it a try, it might work for you too.